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Training Form Videos

"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body;

the two are ever united."  Wilhelm von Humboldt

"Knowledge will give you power, but character creates respect."  Bruce Lee

Taekwondo forms are one of the best systematic methods for teaching martial arts ever created.  They are a series of standardized movements that TKD students use in order to practice “offensive” and “defensive” techniques without a partner. Students must perform the movements correctly in order to pass belt tests. The forms are also used to improve a student’s physical conditioning, muscle memory, focus, concentration, and balance.

Practice Session
Kiboom Poomse

Tegu II Jang --- Form 1

Tegu Ee Jang --- Form 2

Tegu Ee Jang ---Form 2

Tegu Sam Jang --- Form 3

Tegu Sa Jang --- Form 4

Tegu Sa Jang ---Form 4

Tegu Oh Jang --- Form 5

Tegu Oh Jang ---Form 5

Tegu Yuk Jang Form 6

Tegu Chil Jang Form 7

Tegu Pal Jang Form 8

Tegu Koryo Form 9

 Belt Requirements

Push Up/Sit Up Requirements limit 1 minute---Form and breaking requirements


  1. Yellow 10/ll Jang Form 1 and Kiboom Poomse Warm Up/Front Snap Kick

  2. Orange 15/ Ee Jang Form 2/ Axe Kick

  3. Green 20/Sam Jang Form 3/Front Snap and Axe Kick

  4. Blue 25/Sa Jang Form 4 Elbow Strike

  5. Purple 30/Oh Jang Form 5/ Palm Strike

  6. Brown 35/Yuk Jang /Back Kick, 1 mile run

  7. Red 40/Chil Jang/Side Kick, 1 ½ mile run

  8. Red/Black 45/Pal Jang/Spin Hook Kick 1 ½ mile run


  1. 1st Dan/Poom Black 50/Koryo Poomse Hammer Fist, 1 ½ mile run and completion of Black Belt Requirements

 There at least 9 benefits of learning the forms. 

#1: Technique Refinement

The repetitive nature of forms allows you to refine a particular technique over and over again until it’s just about perfect. The forms link various moves into a natural, logical sequence. And since forms are a sequence of moves, you’re gaining the ability to go from one move to another fluidly, without hesitation. This is handy in both a real-life as well as a sparring situation. Instead of doing punches and kicks in isolation, forms put your techniques into a context.

#2: Memory

Forms train two types of memory: mental and muscle memory. First, the sheer act of committing your forms to memory improves your long-term recall.  Second, forms burn your techniques into “muscle memory”. This means you’ll be able to perform your moves without consciously thinking about them. If you ever find yourself in a real-life self-defense situation, this can literally save your life. 

# 3: Balance and Coordination

In the forms, each technique alternates between a right side and left side move. There is good reason for this: it creates symmetry in your techniques as well as your muscle development. Balance, hand-eye, foot-eye coordination and hand-foot timing are improved.


#4: Focus and Concentration

The mere act of performing a poomsae forces you to empty your mind and focus on only one thing: your next move. This builds your powers of concentration and gives you the ability to focus on the task at hand. It’s also one of the many reasons Taekwondo is so effective at treating ADD / ADHD. It enhances your focus. Forms also create rhythmic breathing, and relieve stress.

#5: Motor Skill Development

The forms help develop gross and fine motor skills. As the colored belt forms progress from white to black, each form includes finer and finer degrees of motor skill training.

#6: Performing Under Pressure

One of the most important skills in life is public speaking and this is one of the greatest fears for most humans. Forms help you overcome this fear.  Every time you do your forms, you’re performing in front of others! This includes instructors, other students, parents as well as guests! This helps you overcome shyness, boosts your self-confidence and gets you comfortable in the leadership role. 

#7: Strength and Stamina

Perform all your colored belt forms in succession is a complete exercise routine and an amazing cardiovascular exercise at your disposal. Something you can do anywhere, any time…for the rest of your life!

#8: Goals to Achieve, Levels to Reach

Students are trained in to gradually, step-by-step through the forms. Each rank has its own unique poom-sae to teach the techniques required for that level. One of the advantages of this approach is that we provide students with an easy-to-follow system to increase their skills. At each rank, you know exactly what is expected of you. This creates clarity and helps you in your own personal goal-setting! The very act of learning your forms requires perseverance, hard work and discipline.

#9: Beauty

Watching a black belt execute their forms flawlessly exhibits power, agility, intensity, grace and beauty of the human body!  They are exciting to watch.  Forms are the “art” in martial arts! 

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